Gbetsoolor Nii Ashitey Akomfra III, Teshie Mantse; Elders of the Teshie Traditional Authority; Hon. Henry Quartey, Greater Accra Regional Minister, Member of Parliament; The Chief Director of the Regional Coordinating Council; The Municipal Coordinating Director, Ledzokuku Municipal Assembly; Niimei and Naamei, The Media; I greet you all.
Mii ha nyℇ fℇℇ afi
Afi oo Afi
Afi naa akpe wƆ
Afi aya ani eba nina wƆ
JƆƆmƆ hewale sheremƆ
Kunim yeli afee wƆ nƆ
Afi benℇ Teshie mℇi efee ekome ni wƆna toin jƆlℇ
Tswa ni omanye juro abla wƆ
Once again, another year has come, last year the First Lady Mrs. Rebecca Akufo Addo was here to do the presentation of food items for the Homowo Festival on behalf of the President, His Excellency, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo and the Government of Ghana. This year, we are fortunate to have another GaDangme royal in the person of Hon. Henry Quartey, the
Greater Accra Regional Minister together with the Assembly to do the presentation on behalf of the President and the Government of Ghana. Honourable Minister, oba kℇ nine kome, wƆ mli herebo kℇ nijii enyƆ welcome you to Teshie.
Teshie has been relatively peaceful till a few months ago.
Last week Monday, the rites for the Gbemlilaa was performed. As I speak now the ban on noise making and drumming has taken effect. However, the performing of this rite was done amidst tension and confusion. The large contingent of heavily armed Policemen that was deployed for this short ceremony to prevent possible clashes between the two factions in the Wulomo dispute, though was a positive move, at the same time, it marred
the beauty of this Gbemlilaa Ceremony. It has also put fear in the citizens as a result of “Landguards” that was deployed during the Gbemlilaa.
Hon. Minister, I am, therefore, appealing to the Regional Coordinating Council, the Greater Accra Regional House of Chiefs, the Judiciary and other Stakeholders to help resolve the numerous disputes in the Teshie Traditional set up. As the MCE this appeal is very dear to my heart and I wish and hope, that by next year Homowo, all the disputes would be resolved.
At this stage, I would like to express my sincere thanks to the Teshie Mantse, Gbetsoolor Nii Ashitey Akomfra III restraining the other faction.
Otherwise, the calamity that would have befallen this town can never be told.
Thank you, Nii Gbetsoolor, indeed you have shown the way to peace.
Some few weeks ago, the President spoke to the Nation about the rise in infection of the new Delta Covid-19 Variant. As a result, the Regional Coordinating Council has tasked all MMDA’S in the Greater Accra Region to enforce the observance of all the protocols to stop the spread of the virus. The Ledzokuku Municipal Assembly, has since the outbreak of the pandemic, distributed enough face masks, hand sanitizers, Veronica buckets and bowls, soaps and paper tissues to Schools, Markets, Churches,
Mosques, Lorry and Taxi Stations, Traditional Council and the General Public.
The Assembly has already embarked with the implementation and enforcement of the protocols. The Municipal Information Department has
routinely been educating the Public using radio and our information vans. Soon arrest and prosecution will start.
Within the past few weeks, there has been an outbreak of two deadly human viral disease-the Ebola in Ivory Coast and the Marburg Guinea all in West Africa. The symptoms are similar and are shown by fever and weakness. There is no treatment, therefore, its very fatal. The only way to prevent infection is by avoiding direct contact with bodily fluids of individual infected with the disease.
I am therefore, appealing to the general public to report persons with suspected symptoms to the nearest Health Facility to avoid widespread infection to the general public.
At this stage, I am making a passionate appeal to all residents in the Municipality to strictly abide by the Covid-19 protocols (vaccination) as we all know to prevent the spread of the virus and save lives.
Under the auspices of the GAMA Project, the Ledzokuku Municipal Assembly provided a total of 600 household toilets in the year 2020 for the residents of Teshie. The project is on-going and a good number of beneficiaries have requested for household toilets to be constructed for them. Without doubt, this exercise has reduced the incidence of open defecation drastically in most affected places in the Municipality.
I also extend my appreciation to Religious bodies, Civil Society Organizations and Community-based Organizations (CBOs) who collaborate with the Assembly in organizing clean-up campaigns on various occasions.
I welcome you all to the presentation of food items to Chief and People Teshie for this year’s Homowo.
Afioo afi !!!
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