Security arrangements have been made for the Gbemlinlaa and kpokpoishwamor.

Yes indeed, Security arrangements have been made for the Gbemlinlaa and kpokpoishwamor. It’s rather unfortunate that this incident has brought shame to all Teshimei, irrespective of where you are located on this globe.
On the Tuesday, 27th August, the MUSEC met the following at the LeKMA Assembly Hall –
1. Reps from Nuumo Badu Odaano Odiapenser I
2. Reps from Nuumo Adjei Sankuma III.
(The above two are litigating over who is the rightful Wulomo)
3. Reps from the Teshie Mantse, Gbetsoolor Nii Ashitey Akomfra III.
4. The Head of Family, Ashia-we
5. Nii Cantreph alias Omega (a Tsie-we Elder)
The MCE, MCD, Police, Military, Fire Service, NADMO, BNI and other Directors were all present at this very important meeting.
I will not go too much into what transpired in the meeting, but these are decisions that were taken –
1. None of the two claimants to the Wulomo position would be allowed to perform the Gbemlinlaa on Monday, 9th August, 2021.
2. The Ashia-we Elders would solely perform the Gbemlinlaa.
(The above is a repeat of the decisions taken in 2019 for Gbemlinlaa)
*None of the claimants objected to the decisions taken by the MUSEC*
With regards to the rites performed at beach, none of the two prevented each other. Both performed after the other. There were no confrontations.
Yesterday’s clashes occurred after both factions had done their rites and had left the Sangonaa beach. During the meeting, both had indicated, that there would peace during the two rites at the beach and indeed they honoured their promise.
The clashes happened after the end of the rites in the late afternoon.
MUSEC anticipates, that the Gbemlinlaa, being an outdoor event can be explosive, even though both factions have been banned. As a result adequate security measures, including military backup have been put in place by the MUSEC chaired by the MCE, Hon Evelyn Naa Adjeley Twum-Gyamrah.
Teshimei, let’s pray for our dear town. This is not the time for the blame game but rather let us all rally behind our three Heads in Teshie – the Chief, MCE and the MP, that the trio, with our support and prayers can bring a definite end to the deteriorating reputation of Teshie.
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