LeKMA Collaborates for Infant and Young Child Feeding Demonstrations

In a concerted effort to promote optimal nutrition for infants and young children, the Ledzokuku-Krowor Municipal Assembly (LeKMA) is partnering with local communities. Here’s a glimpse of our collaborative initiative:

  1. Community Demonstrations:
    • LeKMA is organizing practical sessions in selected communities to demonstrate proper infant and young child feeding practices.
    • These demonstrations focus on essential aspects such as breastfeeding techniques, complementary feeding, and dietary diversity.
  2. Awareness and Education:
    • Through community gatherings, LeKMA disseminates knowledge about the importance of early nutrition.
    • We emphasize exclusive breastfeeding, timely introduction of complementary foods, and balanced diets.
  3. Empowering Caregivers:
    • LeKMA engages parents, caregivers, and community health workers.
    • We equip them with evidence-based information and skills to enhance feeding practices.
  4. Monitoring and Support:
    • Regular follow-ups ensure sustained adherence to recommended feeding practices.
    • LeKMA collaborates with health facilities and community leaders to provide ongoing support.

Together, we strive to nurture healthy, thriving children by fostering informed feeding choices.

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