The Ledzokuku Municipal Assembly hosts the first Ordinary General Assembly meeting in the Assembly Hall. The Municipal Chief Executive, Hon. Mordecai Quarshie, the Municipal Coordinating Director of LeKMA, the Presiding Member of the Assembly, Assemblymen within the Municipality, and heads of departments at LeKMA of the various departments/units attended the meeting, which saw quarterly discussions and assessments of the Assembly’s progress reports.

Department heads and unit representatives alternated in giving presentations on their work progress.

Assessments and questions were asked to determine the presentation provided by the various heads on the status of their work.

The following is the agenda for the meeting.


  1. Opening Prayer /Remarks,
  2. Reading and Confirmation of Previous Minutes,
  3. Matters arising from Previous Minutes,
  4. Presentation and Approval of 2023 Composite Budget,
  5. Presentation and Approval of 2023 Fee Fixing Resolutions,
  6. Presentation and Approval of 2023 Revenue Action Plan,
  7. Presentation and Approval of 2023 Annual Action Plan,
  8. Presentation and Discussion of Executive Committee Report,
  9. Other Matters,
  10. Closing Remarks.
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