Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Food fortification
  • Soybeans
  • Nutritional value of soybeans
  • Utilization of soybeans
  • Practical Demonstration of traditional delicacy with soybeans
  • Conclusion
  • Reference


1.0       Introduction

Protein- energy malnutrition result from food insufficiency as well as from poor social and economic conditions. Malnutrition originates from a cellular difference between nutrient/energy supply and the body’s demand to ensure growth maintenance. Dietary energy and  protein deficiencies usually occur together, although one sometimes outweighs the other and if severe enough, may lead to the clinical syndrome of kwashiorkor (predominant protein deficiency) or marasmus (mainly energy deficiency) (O.E. Adelakum et al.,: 2013).

 (I) Image of participants

Food fortification is broadly aimed to allow all people to obtain all the energy, macro-and micronutrients they need to enjoy a healthy and productive life from their diet. In many developing nations including Africa, cereal based foods are widely utilized as food and as dietary staples for adults and weaning foods for infants. Food fortification is one important step in making sure populations gain a balanced diet. It helps to fill micronutrient gaps where populations struggle to access nutritious foods, which is especially important as population grow, live in more urban areas, and consume more processed foods rather than freshly grown foods.

Malnutrition among farmers and fishfolks is significant due to financial constraint in view of this, WIAD at the department of agriculture found it necessary to train the farmers on how to fortify their traditional delicacies with soybeans to reduce the cost of animal protein and improve balance diet consumption.

The main objective of this training is to address malnutrition and to cut down cost of purchase on animal protein.

The resource person trained the participants on the following topics.

2.0       Soybeans

Legumes are one of the world’s most important sources of food supply especially in the developing countries in terms of food, energy as well as nutrients. It has been recognized as an important source of protein and in some cases oil. As a legume, soybeans are an important global crop that provides oil and protein for users. It is the richest sources of protein among the plant foods.

The seeds vary in shape and colour depending on the cultivar. In shape, they can be spherical to flatten while the colour varies from white, yellow and brown to black. It chemical composition on an average dry matter basis is about 40% of protein and 20%of oil (O.E. Adelakum et al.,: 2013).

3.0       Nutritional value of soybeans

Soybean contains all the essential amino acids, similar to those found in meat. Soybean also contains phospholipids, vitamins and minerals. Furthermore, it is high in fiber and phytoestrogens, low in saturated fat, cholesterol and lactose free and a good source of omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants.

4.0       Utilization of soybeans

Soybeans can be processed into soy milk, soy curds, and cheese. It is also used to produce soy sauce use comprehensively in cooking and as a sauce. Soybean are also used for candies and ice cream and soybean flour which could be mixed with wheat flour to produce a wide variety of baked goods such as bread and biscuits. Soybean oil is used for edible purposes, particularly as a cooking, and salad oil and for manufacture of margarine.

5.0       Practical Demonstration of traditional delicacy with soybeans

The participants were taken through the three food groups which are Body Building Foods (animal and bean products), Energy Foods (starchy foods and sugars) and Protective Foods (fruits and vegetables) and were advised to consume fruits daily.

The farmers were engaged in cooking various types of foods which were fortified with soybeans. The following foods were fortified with soybean;

  • Banku
  • Palava sauce
  • Okro stew
  • Gravy

(ii) resource persons educating the participants

The participants were also taught how to prepare soy milk. They were advised to incorporate soy beans in their meals in order to attain a balanced diet.

6.0       Conclusion

The training was successful, well attended and participated. Farmers really interacted and learnt a lot from the training. The total number of participants was Seven-five (75) made up of Twenty-two (22) males and Fifty-five (55) females.

Soy beans can be promoted because of its positive effect on nutritional enhancement on different fortified food products.


  1. E. Adelakum, K.G. Duodu, E. Buys and B.F. Olanipekun., 2013. Potential Use of Soybean Flour (Glycine max) in Food Fortification.

Stakeholder sensitisation Ceremony to commemorate 2022 world day against Child Labour

Stakeholder sensitisation Ceremony was held by Ledzokuku Municipal Assembly to commemorate 2022 world day against Child Labour.
The Ceremony was attended by School Children, Assembly members, Teachers and other identifiable groups.
Activities held to mark the day included street processions through the principal streets of Teshie by School Children and messages from resource persons.
The resource persons were Madam Elizabeth Akabonbire Assistant Chief Labour officer, an officer from DOVVSU Municipal Director of Education.
The Municipal Chief Executive, Mr. Mordecai Quarshie who delivered the closing remarks said the Assembly is doing all it can to stop all forms of child Labour and child abuse.
He said the Assembly had taken a decision to support girls who were raped by paying their hospital bills.
He appealed to parents to provide for their children and not to engage them in harmful child Labour.
people planting on green day

Green Ghana Day

Green Ghana Day
In connection with the second edition of the national tree planting Exercise, dubbed “Green Ghana Day”, the Ledzokuku Municipal Assembly held a ceremony today at the Southern cluster of schools, Teshie. The event was to educate students about the essence of tree planting.
The M.C.E with a host of other dignitaries planted seedlings on the compound of the school and later went to plant some more at the 48 Regiment schools, Teshie Military barracks.
The target of the “Green Ghana Day 2022” is to plant at least 20 million trees nationwide, all in an effort to impact climate change positively.

LeKMA 1st Ordinary General Assembly Meeting

Earlier today, a general assembly was held at the Assembly Hall of the Ledzokuku Municipal Assembly office. It was the first meeting for this year 2022. Those who were in attendance included the Member of Parliament for the Ledzokuku Constituency, Honourable Benjamin Ayiku, the Municipal Chief Executive, Hon. Mordecai Quarshie, the Municipal Coordinating Director of LeKMA, the Presiding Member of the Assembly, Assemblymen within the Municipality and heads of departments at LeKMA.
Discussions touched on maintenance of streetlights, tackling the menace of stray animals, prostitution and drug abuse especially under aged children , and others. Solutions were suggested and they were noted to be implemented to ensure the development of the Municipality


The Honourable Municipal Chief Executive, Mordecai Quarshie today inaugurated a “One District One Factory” District Implementation Support Team as part of government’s initiative to transform Ghana’s industrial sector.
Ledzokuku Municipal Assembly hosted the ceremony with the Municipal Coordinating Director, Municipal Physical Planning Officer, Presiding Member of Ledzokuku, Municipal Procurement Officer, Municipal Agriculture Director, representatives from the Traditional Council, Electricity Company of Ghana, Foods and Drugs Authority, Ghana Enterprise Agency and other representatives in attendance. Also in attendance was the Honourable Member of Parliament for Ledzokuku Constituency, Benjamin Ayiku Narteh.
Fine Foods Industries, represented by its Chief Executive Officer and Marketing Director, were invited to introduce their business to the team for the needed support to benefit the municipality according to the concept of the “1D1F” policy.
The Honourable M.C.E, who chaired the function spoke on the need for such a policy by government and urged members of the team to support this initiative

Stakeholder Engagement at Martey Tsuru

As part of the ongoing stakeholder engagement with people within electoral areas in the Ledzokuku municipality, the Assembly were at the doorstep of Martey Tsuru area. The Honourable M.C.E, Mr. Mordecai Quarshie went on a usual tour of the area with heads of departments accompanied by the Assemblywoman. After, the community showed up in their numbers to interact with the Assembly. Their concerns were mainly about a construction of a market and public toilet for the area. The. Assembly promised to consider that and work on it.

LeKMA organizes 65th Independence Anniversary Celebration

HURRAY!!! Ghana, Our Motherland Turns 65.
To mark Ghana’s 65th anniversary of independence, the Ledzokuku Municipal Assembly organized a parade to celebrate the occasion in a beautiful style.
The event brought together contingents from various schools in the municipality; ranging from kindergarten to senior high school cadets, who marched past the dignitaries in attendance at the Teshie Camp ‘2’ School park.
This year’s independence day celebration, on a national level was dubbed “Working Together, Bouncing Back Together.” Some distinguished guests present at the parade were the Honourable Municipal Chief Executive, Mr. Mordecai Quarshie, the Honourable Member of Parliament for Ledzokuku, Mr. Benjamin Narteh Ayiku, the Chief of Teshie, leaders of the Traditional Council, senior officers of the different security agencies within the district, and heads from the Assembly.
The pupils and students of schools that formed the contingents displayed well rehearsed marching skills, from which some were awarded. In the kindergarten department, Wajir Central KG came first, followed by Northern Cluster KG and Salem KG respectively. The primary department saw Pat Academy take first place with Teshie North Methodist in second and LeKMA ‘5’ & ‘9’ Schools in third places. LeKMA ‘12’ School was adjudged the best in the Junior High School category, as King David School and Krobor J.H.S were second and third respectively. For the Senior High School division,Teshie Technical Center came first, second was O’Rielly S.H.S and third Teshie Presby. The best two cadets corps were O’Rielly S.H.S, first and Teshie PRESEC second.
In all, it was a colourful celebration of patriotism for our dear mother Ghana and the hope to see her become great and strong in all sectors especially education which is the key to the success of any country.

Durbar by the Ministry of Roads and Highways

A durbar was held by the Ministry of Roads and Highways acting through the Department of Urban Roads to discuss with stakeholders about the completion of the La Beach Road Project.
In attendance were the traditional leaders, clergy, property owners, traders and residents of Teshie, who sort to know more about the construction of the Accra-Tema Beach road through the Teshie Township and how it may affect them.
The Honourable Municipal Chief Executive of the Ledzokuku Municipal Assembly, Mordecai Quarshie and Director of Department of Urban Roads addressed all who were present on the scope of the project. Afterwards, the public were allowed to asked questions which were clarified by those in charge of the road project.