Agriculture production in the municipality is largely in the form of urban farming. There is limited land due to the largely urban nature of the Municipality. The Municipality is known predominately for the cultivating of vegetables, crops. There are also a few Livestock Farmers rearing Goats Sheep, Cattle, Rabbit, cattle, grass cutters, Pigs, etc. There are about 149 farmers comprising 139 males and 10 females.

Major problems facing the agricultural sector in the municipality include Loss of farmlands due to urbanization, boundary issues with adjourning Assemblies, lack of funds, and high cost of agriculture inputs and erratic rainfall pattern. The department under the Government flagship programme has also distributed coconut seedlings to farmers and schools within the Municipality under the food for export.

The Department of Agriculture for the plan period will facilitate government flagship programmes, technology transfer, effective extension delivery and other support services to farmers, processors and traders for improved livelihood.