In all, twenty-two people living with disabilities were presented with cash amounting to Sixty Seven Thousand Five Hundred Cedis (GHC 67,500.00). The money formed part of disability fund from the District Assemblies common fund.

 Making the presentation on behalf of the Municipal Chief Executive for Ledzokuku Municipal Assembly, Hon-Mordecai Quarshie, Mr. John Tsikor the Municipal Coordinating Director explained the objectives of the money to the beneficiaries. He urged them to invest the money into profitable ventures that will bring some relief into their lives and that of their families. He cautioned them against putting the money under their pillows and waste it.

 Mr. Saint Kabu, chairman of the Social Services subcommittee of the Assembly explained that the money is from the Government and is part of the disability fund from the common fund. He advised them to use it for the purpose for which they were given. “Don’t use it for any other thing apart from investing it”. “It is not a chop money but for business”.

 Mr. Joshua Addy of the National Council of PWDS explained that before the moneys were given to them, they visited them in their homes, and looked at their various environment to evaluate the type of business venture they wanted to undertake. They were also trained in basic bookkeeping and accounting to ensure that things are done right, he added


On 4th April 2024. Ledzokuku Municipal Assembly budget and rating unit holds a mid-year fiscal policy review to assess budget performance, adapt to economic shifts, and enhance financial management.