The Tourism, Arts & Culture sector of the Ledzokuku Municipal Assembly (LeKMA), emerged as winners of the Regional Festival of Arts and Culture

The Tourism, Arts & Culture sector of the Ledzokuku Municipal Assembly (LeKMA), emerged as winners of the Regional Festival of Arts and Culture over all the other sister Assemblies in the Greater Accra Region with their splendid performances.
The performers supervised by the Municipal Cultural Officer of the Assembly, performed all of the Ga-Adamgbe dances in great style and in uniqueness.
Ahwehwe Cultural Troupe from the Ledzokuku Municipal Assembly has been selected to proudly represent the Greater Accra Region at the National level (NAFAC) in December at Cape Coast.
Long live Ledzokuku, Long live our homeland Ghana.

2nd Ordinary General Assembly Meeting

Assembly members of Ledzokuku Municipal Assembly has taken a decision to change the name of LEKMA Hospital to Teshie General Hospital. The decision was taken after a motion was accepted by member of the assembly at the second general meeting of the assembly.

The Municipal Chief executive, Mordecai Quarshie appealed to members of the Assembly to step up the campaign on payment of building permit fees.

He said most developers in the municipality failed to pay for or apply for building permit before undertaking development. He tasked members to take up challenge to spread the message. “We have to collect the money to enable the assembly undertake development projects” he stressed. He reminded them that payment of building permit has been regularised by the assembly and therefore those who have not pay or apply for it should come forward to do that.

He assured members that the assembly is in the process to engage department of urban roads to support the assembly. He reiterated that the roads would be fixed and a new ones constructed.

The Member of Parliament for Ledzokuku, Ayiku, said he identified challenges in the municipality that needed to be fixed. He mention roads and sanitation among others.

He said the road networks in the municipality are in bad shape with potholes. He tasked the roads engineer to wrok extra hard to fix the roads.

He expressed his willingness to support the Assembly anytime the need arises.


Ledzokuku Municipal Planning Committee (LekMPC) Holds A Technical Sub-Committee Inspection on 29th September, 2022.

The inspection took place on various locations such as North Teshie, Agblezah, Naaflajor, Okpoi-Gonno and Airport Hills.
It was supervised by the Secretary of the Spatial Planning, key members of the committee and some members of the heads of departments and units of the assembly.


Ledzokuku Municipal Assembly (LeKMA) has revealed that about fifty percent of structures in the municipality have no building permit which is negatively affecting revenue mobilisation of the assembly, they attributed this to ignorance on the part of some developers that they have to obtain building permit from the Assembly before putting up structures they attributed this to land litigation, inability of land commission to issue land title and the assembly itself fisted to implement development programmes which had led to difficulty in the controlling development.
The MCE explained that the assembly needed funds to undertake development in areas of education, health, road network security among others. “Seven million Ghana cedis is needed to fix the problems of the municipality” he revealed.
The MCE said this at a press conference at the assembly on Monday.
He said the assembly has given developers the opportunity to regularise the collection and application of building permit with the assembly in order to unravel hiding resources of the assembly.
To achieve this, he said the assembly is in process to establish a container office which will serve as one stop shop where professionals would be there to help in the process of building document.
He noted that this is not meant to intimated or punish the public. The Hon. MCE further explained that those who did not apply for the permit at all would be given the opportunity to do so and those who applied but failed to pay and collect the permit would have a two week grace period to do so.
He cautioned that after the grace period, the assembly have the right to take legal action, demolish the property or eject occupants of the property. “The owners of the structures are to ensure that the structures are safe for human habitation.
The Hon. MCE assured the public that it would take applicant more than six weeks to secure a building permit and all necessary document are made available.
He reminded all those who owes the assembly should immediately visit the Assembly’s premises to settle their indebtedness.
According to him the list of debtors would soon be publish in the daily newspaper

The Ledzokuku Municipal Assembly has performed a sod cutting ceremony

The Ledzokuku Municipal Assembly has performed a sod cutting ceremony to begin the dredging of the sango stream behind Toronto washing bay at Teshie.
The Assembly would also construct a bridge over the stream to ensure mobility of people in the area.
The Municipal Chief Executive Hon. Mordecai Quarshie performed the ceremony revealed that the area is a low laying area and gets flooded anytime it rains.
He said the Assembly would spend Two Hundred Thousand Ghana Cedis on the projects which will take three months to complete.
He explained that the issue of dredging of the stream came up at the ceremony to engage the community to establish the needs of the people.
He said four other bridges were constructed to other locations in the municipality to ease mobility of the residents


Ledzokuku Municipal Planning Committee (LeKMPC) holds a Spatial Planning Committee meeting on 13th September 2022. The meeting which took place at the conference hall/assembly hall saw the attendance of the M.C.E, Honorable Mordecai Quarshie, the Municipal Chief Director, Engr. John Tsikor, Secretary of the Spatial Planning, key members of the committee and some members of the heads of departments and units of the assembly.


The Tourism, Arts and Culture section of the Ledzokuku Municipal Assembly in collaboration with Ga Adangbe Group(Italy) and the various Teshie Kpashimoi groups/flags held the final award winning competition this morning at OBonu TV…the competition started last week with all the 8 groups namely, Ghana, Jah labour, Tafo ye feo , Akornor Greece, Mind U, Ananse,Korle worko and Six with which 4 out of the 8 flags passed for the final contest. At the end of the competition, Mind U emerged as winners, followed by Jah Labour, Ananse and Tafo ye feo. Congratulations to Mind U and Ayekoo to all the Kpashimo group. Afii babaoo aya ni eba nina wo.