Stakeholder Engagement at Okesekor

The people of Okesekor met with the Municipal Coordinating Director at the Ledzokuku Municipal Assembly for a stakeholder engagement. He led the various heads of departments from the Assembly on behalf of the Honourable M.C.E. It was a beautiful sight to see as the Assembly’s objectives were shared with community members, and they also make known their concerns. These were all geared towards making LeKMA work.

Durbar by the Ministry of Roads and Highways

A durbar was held by the Ministry of Roads and Highways acting through the Department of Urban Roads to discuss with stakeholders about the completion of the La Beach Road Project.
In attendance were the traditional leaders, clergy, property owners, traders and residents of Teshie, who sort to know more about the construction of the Accra-Tema Beach road through the Teshie Township and how it may affect them.
The Honourable Municipal Chief Executive of the Ledzokuku Municipal Assembly, Mordecai Quarshie and Director of Department of Urban Roads addressed all who were present on the scope of the project. Afterwards, the public were allowed to asked questions which were clarified by those in charge of the road project.

Awareness on Operation Clean Your Frontage

Awareness on “Operation Clean Your Frontage” which is a project aimed at making Accra one of the cleanest cities in Africa was on Wednesday launched in the Ledzokuku Municipality.
Today, a pilot was carried out to demonstrate how health inspectors will go about their duties beginning February 1st, 2022. An unclean surrounding would attract a fine.
All are encouraged to do their best to keep their environment clean at all times.

Stakeholder Engagement at Akro East

After a tour of the Akro East area, with heads of departments from LeKMA and the Assemblyman, the Honourable M.C.E sat with members of the community to outline his objectives and listen to their concerns and suggestions.
Hon. Mordecai Quarshie spoke more about sanitation, which was the major issue the community raised. The head of the Municipal Environmental Health department promised to tackle that as soon as possible.


The Municipal Chief Executive for Ledzokuku Municipal Assembly Hon. Mordecai Quarshie on the 13th of January, 2022 inaugurated the disability fund management committee of the assembly. The committee is to coordinate all disability issues in the Municipality and to ensure that, poverty is minimized among all people living with disability. (PWDS) particularly those outside the formal sector and enhance their social image through dignified Labour. The seven member committee was chaired by Hon. Saint Kabu, social services subcommittee chairman. Others are Miss Vida Adzomain, District Director of social Welfare, Mr. Bernard Laryea, District representative, National Council for persons with disability, Madam Sandra Baako, representative Finance department. The rest are Miss Christiana Akonno, representative of central administration and Elizabeth Akrong representing department of education (special education). Present at the ceremony was the Municipal Coordinating Director, Mr. John Tsikor