Social Welfare & Com. Dev’t


  1. Promote emotional stability within families
  • Handle child maintenance cases.
  • Handle child custody cases.
  • Handle child access cases


  1. Supervision of Daycare Centers (0-4years).
  • Supervise schools providing case for children
  • Register schools to obtain certificate


  1. Integration of the vulnerable into mainstream of the economy.
  • Register and keep data of persons with Disability.
  • Support persons with Disability
  • Visit and Monitor Disability.


  1. Supervise payment of cash to beneficiaries of livelihood Empowerment Against Poverty (LEAP)
  2. Organize Social Education on topical issues
  3. Home Science to Women and youth groups to live clean lives.
  4. Teaching women/ youth groups to equip them with skills.
  5. Missing and abandoned children we trace families and parents that are reported missing.