Property Rates & Business Operating Permit

Please Note

  1. It Is an Offence To Commence Business Without Obtaining Business Operating Permit From


  1. It Is An Offence To Conspicuously Display The Business Name In Front Of The Premises.
  2. It Is An Offence Not To Inform Lekma About The Change In The (Ownership, Location, And Business Permit Type Etc.) of Business.
  3. It Is An Offence Not To Display The Lekma Business Permit Receipt Or Certificates (If Any) In A Conspicuous Part Of The Premises On Which The Business Is Operated.

Payment / Mode Of Payment

1 Present This Bill When Making Payment

2 Legal actions shall be taken Against Defaulters after Three (3) Months upon Receipt of Bill.

3 Defaulters In Addition Will Pay 30 % Penalty Of Amount Owed.

4 Payments Should Be Made By Bankers Draft/ Payment Order Or By Cash Only.

5 Bankers Draft/ Payment Order Should Be Made To Ledzokuku- Krowor Municipal Assembly (Written In Full Not Lekma And Cross “Account Payee Only Lekma.

6 Payments Should Not Be Made At The Ledzokuku – Municipal Assembly Designated Revenue Offices Or Accredited Revenue Collections Between The Hours Of 8:00am Daily, Monday To Friday.


Lekma Designated Revenue Offices


Head Office:

We Are Located At Teshie Nungua Estate.7th Lily Street.



Teshie Market