Mr. Moro Nuhu is 24 years of age and a native of Bawku in Upper East Region. He is a devoted Muslim and married with 2 children. He has no formal education but attended Makaranta during his childhood. He has been farming since 2007 at Nautical. He cultivates the following crops on his farm during the year;

1              2 acres of onion;

2             0.5 acres of carrot;

3              1.5 acres of green pepper;

4              1 acre of lettuce;

5              1.5 acres of cabbage;

6              0.5 acres of cucumber

7              0.5 acre of local vegetable (Ayoyo) and 7 goats


He has two permanent laborers and two casual laborers. He undertakes good Agriculture Practices and collaborates well with other farmers and Extension Officer. He readily shares ideas with other farmers in his community.

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