Mr. Moro Nuhu is 24 years of age and a native of Bawku in Upper East Region. He is a devoted Muslim and married with 2 children. He has no formal education but attended Makaranta during his childhood. He has been farming since 2007 at Nautical. He cultivates the following crops on his farm during the year;

1              2 acres of onion;

2             0.5 acres of carrot;

3              1.5 acres of green pepper;

4              1 acre of lettuce;

5              1.5 acres of cabbage;

6              0.5 acres of cucumber

7              0.5 acre of local vegetable (Ayoyo) and 7 goats



He has two permanent laborers and two casual laborers. He undertakes good Agriculture Practices and collaborates well with other farmers and Extension Officer. He readily shares ideas with other farmers in his community.



Kojo De-Graft Addae Manu was born on 21st January, 1991 in Accra but comes from Bibiani in the Western Region. He obtained education with a degree in Agriculture at KNUST from 2011 – 2015.

He started poultry farm in 2016 with 100 cockerels on the advice he received from an Extension Agent at Amasaman where he had his National Service. He is currently having 467 birds in stock, layers 282 and broilers 185. The farm is located at Teshie-Tsuibleoo



Matthew Partey is 35 years of age, a farmer at Penny, a suburb of Teshie I the Ledzokuku Municipal Assembly. He has a family of 10, out of these, he has adopted 4 children from relatives to support. These children are all in the Preparatory schools.

Mr. Partey has been farming for 18 years now and is assisted by three casual laborers and the family. He made judicious use of any small piece of land he can lay hands on either byt renting or as a care taker to farm on it.

He mainly cultivates vegetables both exotic and local vegetables. The exotic ones include; 2.5 acres of cabbage, 2.5 acres of sweet pepper, 2.5 acres of cucumber. 2.5 acres of okra, 1.5 acres of lettuce and 1 acre of chili pepper. The local ones include 5 acres of corchorus (Gboma) and cochoris (Ayoyo).

Other crops he cultivates are plantain (1 acre), cassava (1 acre) and sweet potato (1 acre) and maize (1.5 acres). In addition, he rears livestock which includes 25 sheep, 30 goats, 45 local fowls and 24 ducks.



Emelia Abew was born on 6th May, 1953. She comes from Abirim-Asiam in the Central Region. She completed Middle School in the same town.



Denfo Laryea is a 54-year-old man has spent 18 years of life in the fishing business. He has one canoe which is registered and catches an average of 120 crates of fish every month.



Tettey Djan is 38 years of age and has been in the fishing business for 20 years. He has one canoe and catches an average catch of 56 crates.



Grace Tettey is a 43-year-old woman has spent 22 years in fishing business. She has employed 3 workers. She has employed 3 workers. She has 5 ovens and 60 trays and can process an average of 100 crates per day. She usually smokes and fries the fish and sells it at Kadjebe and Madina market. She is married with 4 children who are all in school.



Alice Timpo was born on 31st March, 1976 at Accra but comes from Peki-Dzake in the Volta Region. She completed West Africa Secondary School (WASS) in 1994 where she studied General Agriculture. In 1998-2001, she attended Ohawu Agricultural College in the Volta Region where she obtained a certificate in General Agriculture.



Moses Aryeetey was born 65 years ago at Nsawam but comes from Old Ningo in the Greater Accra Region. He attended Commercial School at Koforidua where he graduated as an accountant.



Mr. Henry Okine is 64 years of age. He graduated from Takoradi Polytechnic and has a family of 5 with all three children who have all completed tertiary institutions. He has been in the poultry business for 42 years now. He has 500 layers, 200 broilers 150 cockerels and 75 ducks.


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