The Ledzokuku Municipal Assembly (LeKMA) held its stakeholders’ meeting to stop open defecation and littering in the Ledzokuku Municipality at Ante-we in Teshie Township. The program was organized by GAMA on behalf of the assembly just to equip sanitation in the municipality.   

Some dignitaries present at the occasion were, Hon. Bernard Nii Okoe Boye Member of Parliament for the Ledzokuku constituency, and The Municipal Chief Executive of LeKMA-Hon. Evelyn Naa Adjeley Twum-Gyamrah and Members of the Assembly’s Greater Accra Metropolitan Area (GAMA) program.

Hon. Bernard Nii Okoe Boye said he has received numerous reports about open defecation and littering along the beaches. He mentioned that the assembly is making conscious efforts to end the open defecation and littering along the beach and an announcement has been made to stop people from openly defecating along the beach.

He further stated that apart from the announcement made by the assembly, there are other measures put in place to educate the public and today’s meeting is to engage the people and find ways of bringing an end to open defecating and littering in the Municipality. Hon. Okoe Boye pleaded with the MCE to have a meeting with the public and look for ways to curb open defecation and littering.

Hon. Okoe Boye noted that he is not in support of open defecation and together with the assembly, they will build toilets for the people in the Municipality and if after doing that people are still seen defecating at the beaches, the law will deal with them, he also mentioned that it needs a collective effort to deal with the situation as soon as possible.

 Hon. Okoe Boye concluded by saying he is going to construct 12 toilet facilities along the beaches to help solve the situation at hand. He noted that after the toilet facilities are constructed, he will ensure that children and aged will make use of the facility without paying.

An opportunity was given to the people of Teshie to ask question about things bothering them, most of them spoke about the lack of public toilet in the municipality and pleaded with the MP and the MCE to construct public toilet for them and until the toilets are built they will defecate at the beach. Some also asked for more time so they organize themselves to partake in the GAMA project.

On littering Nii Armah John mentioned that there are no garbage trucks to collect the rubbish along the sea shore and the whole area is very dirty and then there are days they don’t even have any money on them not to talk of having money to pay for going to the toilet, another explained that he would not use the public toilet because the main problem is the hygienic condition of the place, the ventilation is poor and when it gets full authorities delay in disposing the waste.


The MCE of LeKMA-Hon. Evelyn N.A. Twum-Gyamrah in her speech addressed some issues raised, she advised the people to be cooperative during sanitation and clean-up exercises in the municipality.  She said sanitation is one of the major focus of the president, HIS Excellence Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and we must all support in making it possible. She also emphasized that there is no sanitation clean-up exercise in the municipality that she doesn’t participate.

 Hon. Evelyn N.A. Twum-Gyamrah further assured the people that measures are being put in place by HIS Excellence Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to bring a recycling processing plant   in the municipality to ensure more sanity work.  

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