The Municipal Chief Executive of the Ledzokuku Municipal Assembly –Hon. Evelyn N.A. Twum Gyamrah has inaugurated the Public Health Emergency Management Committee (PHEMC) of the Assembly on Tuesday, April 10th, 2018. In her inaugural speech, the MCE charged the Committee to work hard in order to prevent any form of epidemic from occurring in the Municipality.  She assured the Committee of the needed support from Management of the Assembly.

The Municipal Coordinating Director-Mr. Maxwell K. Gyimah in a welcome address said the PHEMC is very important in the health and wellbeing of the people of Teshie. According to him, this Committee is being formed in all other Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies to prepare for emergencies.

He said even though the purpose of the Committee is health oriented, the need for the diversity of expertise is very necessary since the interventions cannot be carried out successfully without the support of all the departments and units that are part of it.

The Municipal Director of Health Service, Dr. Jacqueline Sfarijlani, recounted the incidence of cholera cases that took away the lives of eighteen people in Teshie and Nungua in 2014, the outbreak of the Ebola virus in our neighbouring countries that posed great threat to Ghana and the recent Laser fever scare that led to the death of one person in Tema as the reason why there is the need for establishment of the PHEMC in the Municipality.

According to Dr. Sfarijlani, the committee is to meet at least once in every quarter to plan and discuss public health issues bothering the Municipality. She said the Committee should be preventive and not reactive.

Mr. Ato Eshun , an officer from the Municipal Health Directorate took participants through the various roles and responsibilities  of the departments that make up the committee and the various sub- committees they fall within.

Below is the list of the Departments that form the PHEMC

  • Municipal Chief Executive
  • Municipal Coordinating Director
  • Municipal SHEP Coordinator
  • Security Service
  • Environmental Health Officer
  • Water and Sanitation Officer
  • Municipal Information Officer
  • Coalition of NGOs
  • Media –Latenu Radio
  • NADMO Director
  • Municipal Fire Commander
  • Ambulance Service
  • Municipal Director of Heath Service
  • Municipal DDNS
  • Municipal Disease Control Officer
  • Municipal Health Promotion Officer
  • Municipal Public Health Nurse
  • Municipal Health Information Officer
  • Laboratory (LEKMA Hospital BMS)
  • Municipal Pharmacist
  • Stores/Procurement, LEKMA MHD
  • Public Health (Medical)
  • Clinician(Public/Private)


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